Community Cable Access Television

Webster Cable Access Television - WCA TV 12

The Town of Webster's Government channel is available to residents who receive cable service through Spectrum.  It is only available in the Webster 14580 zip code.  Therefore, if you live outside the Webster limits, you can still view our programs via the "Watch Town Meetings" link on the main homepage.  

**Spectrum is converting to full digital programming on March 13, 2018!

** Customer notification is being done by Spectrum via cable bills and messages on cable TV.  

Changes include moving the Town and School District channels to a new location:

* School District's Channel 15 will be located on Channel 1301 on the Basic tier.

* Government Channel 12 will be located on Channel 1303 on the Basic tier.

* Residents can select these channels now, as our programming is already being broadcast on the new channels. 

Here is the information the Town received regarding the Spectrum Cable TV changes:

Charter Spectrum is making some exciting changes for our customers in the Western New York – Rochester area. We’re upgrading our cable television service to a digital-only signal that will allow us to deliver to customers a substantial increase in HD channels. Over time, television technology has advanced from an analog format to a higher-quality digital signal. This upgrade will provide Charter Spectrum customers with enhanced picture and sound quality, a more expansive channel offering and exciting new products and services, including access to thousands of free On Demand programming choices.

Beginning on March 13, 2018, Charter Spectrum will begin removing the remaining analog channels on our lineup and delivering only higher-quality digital signals to each television outlet in the home. Over 90% of Charter Spectrum customers are already using digital equipment (set top boxes, digital adaptors or CableCard devices) to view their television programming. For customers without Charter Spectrum-issued digital equipment, this upgrade will require the installation of a Charter Spectrum set top box or CableCard device on each television.

To ensure a smooth transition, Charter Spectrum is providing free equipment offers to customers, depending on their status and current equipment, for a specified period of time. These offers will be communicated to customers in greater detail through direct mail. Upon the expiration of the free equipment offer, applicable standard rates will apply.

Concurrent with this all-digital upgrade, Charter Spectrum will be encrypting all television channels, including the basic tier of service and grouping similar channels into “neighborhoods.” Encryption will result in a more secure network and additional bandwidth to provide more advanced services, and creating channel “neighborhoods” will make it easier for customers to find and access their favorite categories of programming.

If you have an existing set-top box, digital transport adapter (DTA) or retail device with a CableCARD on each TV you are watching, you should be unaffected by this change. If you connect your cable line directly into the back of your TV, you will need to add digital equipment (Spectrum Receiver or CableCARD) to each TV in your home.

Request your Spectrum Receiver today using one of the options below:
1. Order Online. Simply enter your information, select the number of Spectrum Receivers you need and with the click of a button, we'll ship the equipment directly to your home at no additional cost. You will receive your Spectrum Receivers in 3-5 business days and you can install them when it is convenient for you. You don't even have to leave the house.
2. Call 1-844-278-3408 to speak to a Spectrum Customer Service Representative. We'll ship your Spectrum Receivers directly to your home at no additional cost so you can install them when it is convenient for you. Professional Installation is available for a small fee, ask a Spectrum Customer Service Representative for details.
3. Stop by your local Spectrum Store to pick up a self-installation kit and install them when it is convenient for you.
* The Webster store is located in the plaza on Hard Rd, behind the Burger King.


Webster Cable Access Television (WCA-TV) is a community television station that broadcasts:

  • LIVE Town Government meetings including Town, Zoning, and Planning Boards
  • Monthly Electronic Town Meetings (2nd Wednesday of the month)
  • Informational programming from Government sources like NASA, and NYS Dept. of Health
  • Local events, including parades and ceremonies
  • Religious services on Sundays from local churches
  • Special Reports and Documentaries

Community Calendar

Community announcements from non-profit organizations can be submitted via phone
     call: 872-6277 or email: 
The community calendar runs daily on Cable 12.
It also features Town notices for residents, events taking place at the Town's library, and ongoing events within the community.  


The local cable access channels for Webster are Channel 12, WCA-TV and Channel 15, WETV.  
The cable channels have been in existence since the early 1980's and are operated out of the Spectrum cable hub building in the town.  The Town's access channel receives funding from cable franchise fees collected by Spectrum.

In January 1993, the Webster Cable Access Government Channel became an official department of the Town of Webster. The Webster School District oversees Education Channel 15, which broadcasts school-related events, including live sports, school's morning announcement shows, and concerts.

To reach the Cable 12 station: call: 872-6277 or email:
The station is located at 1000 Picture Parkway, off of Hard Rd.