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April 20, 2021


1.   WEBSTER GOLF TEE SELF STORAGE FACILITY: Located on south side of Ridge Road, between Shoecraft Road and Webster Commons Boulevard. 

Applicant LS Webster Ridge Road LLC is requesting PRELIMINARY SITE PLAN APPROVAL (PUBLIC HEARING) to allow the construction of a self-storage facility consisting of (8) 1-story and (1) 3-story buildings on a 5.93-acre site having SBL # 079.08-1-14 located in an MC (Medium Intensity) Commercial District under Section 228-5 of the Code of the Town of Webster. 


Full Site Plans:   PDF LINK

Elevation Plans:  PDF LINK

Engineer Report:   PDF LINK

2021-04-12 - Floor Plans and Elevations-1


1.   COASTAL VIEW SUBDIVISION SECTION 5: Located at western end of Coastal View Drive. 

Applicant Lake Landing LLC is requesting PRELIMINARY/FINAL SUBDIVISION AND SITE PLAN APPROVAL (PUBLIC HEARING) associated with the subdivision of land and construction of (9) single family residences on a 30.86-acre parcel having SBL # 036.03-1-1.21 located in a WD Waterfront Development District under
Sections 192-19, 225-22 and 228-8 of the Code of the Town of Webster. 

** UPDATED**  Subdivision Plan:  PDF LINK

825.05 Coastal View
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