Employment Information

Selection Process

The Webster Police Department utilizes a two-step process for selecting individuals to be hired as police officers.

Step One

  1. Apply for and take the Monroe County Civil Service police officer entrance examination. Passing the exam is not enough - you must score high enough (typically in the 100 to 90 percentage range) to be considered for employment.
  2. A physical agility test is given to the top candidates on the civil service list.
  3. An eligibility list is prepared with those candidates who have successfully completed the physical agility test. The Webster Police Department utilizes a residential eligibility list only. To be included on this list, the candidate must be a Webster resident for 30 days prior to the list being requested by the appointing authority.

Step Two

Once positions open within the department, the second step of the selection process begins.
  • Canvass letters are sent to the top candidates on the residential eligibility list.
  • Formal interviews are conducted with the police chief and the operations and administration commanders.
  • An employment application and background questionnaire are completed by those candidates selected to continue in the employment process.
  • A review of completed background questionnaires is completed and a full background investigation begins on successful candidates. The background investigation includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Credit Check
    • Criminal History Check
    • Employment Verification
    • Reference Check
  • Once the background investigation has been completed and reviewed, successful candidates are interviewed by the Town Board.
  • Upon successful completion of the interview process, successful candidates may be given a conditional offer of employment.
  • Once the medical and psychological exams have been successfully completed, the candidates will be sworn in as police officers of the Webster Police Department.