PROSAR Committee

The Town of Webster’s Parks and Recreation Open Space and Athletic Review Committee, (PROSAR) was created to advise and assist the Parks and Recreation Commissioner in the preparation of plans and programs for carrying out the functions of the Department of Parks and Recreation.  The PROSAR Committee was also formed to review such plans and proposals for the acquisition and development of parks and recreation lands and facilities as may from time to time be referred to by the Town Board or the Planning Board and to make such recommendations to the Town Board and Planning Board in connection therewith as deemed appropriate.

Board Members:
  • William Abbott
  • Rob Ambrosetti
  • Sid Bahl
  • Chris Bilow
  • Bob Beabout
  • Jennifer Birdsong
  • Michael Fitzsimmons
  • Katrina Hall
  • Kristi Lockwood
  • Timothy Mahon
  • Heather Monette
  • Jeff Taylor
  • John Zicari