Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for managing the day-to-day financial affairs of the Town of Webster. The Finance Department is committed to providing the highest level of financial services. 
The responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

  • Accounting for the Town’s five major funds and ten nonmajor governmental funds in compliance with the regulations of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
  • Preparation of internal financial statements and financial information dissemination to the Town Supervisor and the Town Board.
  • Design and enforcement of the Town’s financial policies which include the electronic banking policy, investment policy and procurement policy.
  • Interface with all Town departments to ensure that the internal control system is designed properly and is operating effectively.  Conduct periodic risk assessments to ensure the integrity of the system is in place.
  • Carryout internal audit procedures to ensure that the Town’s contractual relationships are within the terms of each agreement and to promote the use of strong financial controls.
  • Invest the Town’s available cash to maximize the yield while maintaining compliance with General Municipal Law.
  • Maintenance of the Town’s financial software system.
  • Management of the Town’s grant awards to ensure claims are filed timely and all reporting requirements are complied with.
  • Account for and manage public works construction projects.
  • Manage the process to secure funding for capital projects via bond anticipation notes and serial bonds.
  • Processes the payroll on a bi-weekly basis which includes employee benefit administration and regulatory reporting.
  • Ensures that all payroll related tax and medical insurance filings have been completed accurately and timely.
  • Review of the medical insurance billing process to ensure accuracy.
  • Participation in the negotiation of the Town’s three union contracts and implementation of the various provisions.
  • Manage the purchase order creation and approval process to ensure compliance with the Town’s procurement policy.  This includes enforcement of the bidding and quotation requirements.
  • Process all vendor payments twice per month and ensure that all approvals are in place. 
  • Create various billings for monies owed to the Town via the accounts receivable billing software module.
  • Ensure that all incoming funds are properly coded, recorded and deposited in the bank post haste.
  • Reconcile the property tax revenue and ensure that the funds are distributed properly to the various government entities.
  • Prepares monthly budget and financial reporting to the departments and the Town Board.
  • Monitors budget to actual revenue and expenditure totals and prepares budget transfers and amendments as needed.
  • Works with the Town departments and the Town Board to prepare the annual budget and ensure compliance with New York State regulations.
  • Maintains the Town’s fixed asset physical inventory records and ensures that proper insurance coverage is in place.
  • Work with the Town’s independent Certified Public Accountant to ensure that the annual audit of the financial statements is completed properly.
  • Completes and files the Annual Update Document financial report with the New York Office of the State Comptroller.

Finance Director

The Finance Director reviews operations to ensure compliance with all applicable government accounting standards including Federal, State and Local laws. The Finance Director works closely with the Town Supervisor (Chief Fiscal Officer), the Town Board and all Town departments. The job entails periodic planning, monitoring and reporting on operating and special district finances. The Finance Director oversees and coordinates the purchase of goods and services, employee contracts and benefits, in compliance with State Law. He is committed to providing a level of financial excellence and to safeguard the financial assets which belong to the Webster citizens.