Assessment Review

Before you can decide if your assessment is accurate, you should understand the function of the assessment itself. Please visit our General Assessment Information page before continuing.

Mass Appraisal

Generally, an assessed value is based on the market value of the property. However, municipalities value thousands of properties at once, not one at a time. This process is commonly known as mass appraisal. Since the process focuses on multiple properties, their similarities, and differences, it is more generalized than a single-property appraisal. The focus is on equity of the results.

Informal Review

This informal process is vital during revaluation years. Webster’s last town-wide revaluation was in 2004. During revaluation projects homeowners are not obliged to request an informal review, although the process is often very useful. They may begin with the formal Grievance process.

Formal Grievance

The instructions and process for a formal grievance to have your assessment reviewed are outlined below by the Board of Assessment Review (BAR). The BAR is comprised of five Webster residents who have knowledge of real estate values in the town. The BAR makes its decision based on evidence submitted to prove the value of the grieved property and notifies the owners directly of their decision. The BAR does not have jurisdiction on tax complaints. You cannot grieve your taxes or your tax bills.

Once the Tentative Roll is filed, a formal Grievance is a property owner’s only recourse in changing an assessment before the next annual tax cycle begins. Failure to file a Grievance application or to follow the process properly may prevent your intended results. The timeline and procedures are established by state law.

Formal Grievance Resources

The Grievance application below may be filled out online, printed for your signature, and submitted to the address below along with your supporting documentation. Due to the strict state deadline to accept these forms, we do not recommend mailing them close to Grievance Day. Postmarks are not applicable. Please review and follow the instructions in the links below. There is no fee to file a Grievance application. 

Submit Grievance forms and supporting documentation to:

Assessment Office

Webster Town Hall

1000 Ridge Rd.

Webster, NY 14580

Small Claims Assessment Review

For qualifying non-commercial property owners who want to appeal their Grievance decision, see Small Claims Assessment Review. Small claims forms and filing fees are submitted to the County Clerk, with a copy of the submittal to the Webster Assessment Office and several other parties. Please review and follow the instructions in the link above. The Town of Webster does not receive any part of the filing fee charged by the court system.