Animal Control & Dog Licensing


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If you have an in-progress animal emergency please call 911

Animal Control Department is located in the Webster Police Department building at 1000 Ridge Road Webster, NY 14580. (585) 872-7009

The WPD Animal Control Officer(s) are responsible to comprehend, explain, and enforce state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances as they pertain to animal control and dog ownership, by responding to resident calls, enforcing leash requirements when the dog is off owner property and within the town parks, barking, improper waste disposal, destruction of property, licensing and rabies vaccination compliance, issuing appearance tickets for non-compliance of town ordinances, dangerous dog cases, and conducting a dog census in conjunction with the Town Clerk's office.

The WPD Animal Control Officer is also required to enforce the rules and regulations defined by the NYS Agriculture and Markets Department under Article 7 & 21 regarding dangerous dogs and proper dog ownership within the NYS.

The WPD ACO Unit is an educational resource for animal behavior and obedience, along with referrals to other professionals to aid in your animal concerns.

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When to Call Animal Control:

•  To report a dog at large

•  To report an injured animal

•  To report a dog or owner not in compliance with a town ordinance(s)

•  To report a lost or found pet

•  To report dog attack or dangerous dog concern

•  To inquire for professional/educational information or guidance

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When NOT to call Animal Control:

•  To report a dead animal in the road or for dead animal removal/disposal

•  To preform extermination of pests from your home (rats, mice, bats, insects, bees, moles, etc.)

•  To transport an animal that you no longer want to the humane society