Deceased Animals

If animals are found dead in yards/property it is the responsibility of the homeowner for removal/disposal of the body. Please wear the proper PPE and use a shovel to scoop the animal into a garbage bag. Please tie the bag tightly and dispose of in the regular refuge for pick up. You may also dig a hole and bury it at least 3-feet deep.

Removal of Dead Animals on Roadways:

Town/ County Road – Webster Highway Dept. – Deer only, in the road – not on personal property: 585-872-1443

State Route – NYS DOT: 585-753-7780

Dead deer and coyotes only – NYS DOT 585-586-4514

- Route 104
- Route 250 (Webster Road)
- Route 404 (Ridge Road)
- Empire Blvd

Town Parks – Park Foreman of Webster Parks & Recreation Dept. – 585-872-7110